How is Sonia?
Founder and creative of Sweet Penelope


Sonia, a Cuban girl full of creativity, discovered her passion for fashion design at an early age. With recycled pieces, she created beautiful garments that reflected her unique style. At the age of 22, determined to seek new opportunities, she came to the United States with the dream of building a better future.

With an unstoppable work ethic, Sonia embarked on a series of jobs as she struggled to adjust to her new life. Always with a smile on her face and an entrepreneurial attitude, she strove to learn, grow, and overcome the challenges that came her way.

Her Catholic faith and her unconditional love for her family were the pillars that sustained her through difficult times. With a burning desire to improve the quality of life for herself and her loved ones, Sonia embarked on a path of determination and perseverance.

With every opportunity that presented itself, Sonia worked tirelessly to save and make her dream come true. Inspired by the love she felt for her family and the passion that burned within her, she decided to start her own business at age 35, thanks to a flash of inspiration and a divine message.

Armed with her innate talent and fashion design skills, Sonia founded her own swimwear brand for women and girls, Sweet Penelope, named after her daughter, focused on unique, high-quality garments. Through her creations, she conveys her distinctive style, her love of nature and the importance of family.

Sonia's story is an inspiring testimonial to how hard work, determination and love for family can turn dreams into reality. Her story reminds us that any goal is achievable when you work with passion and have faith in God and in yourself.

Her story teaches us that it doesn't matter where we come from, but where we are going and the strength, we carry within to achieve our dreams. Her faith and her love for family, her fighting spirit, continue to be the driving force behind her success.