Priscilla Maxi dress

Step into a world of sophisticated elegance with the Priscilla Long Dress, a masterpiece of resort wear design. This maxi dress is a testament to refined style, available in three stunning prints that evoke unique stories and themes.

Sealeaf Elegance Print: Inspired by the Leaf Sea Dragon, this print captures the creature’s graceful elegance. The delicate, leaf-like fins are artistically rendered to embody the serenity and intricate beauty of underwater life, making it perfect for those who appreciate nature's subtle artistry.

Violet Butterfly Art: Merging the opulence of sapphires with the ethereal beauty of butterflies, this print exudes luxury and refinement. It’s ideal for the woman who carries herself with the poise and grace of these majestic creatures, making a statement of sophistication wherever she goes.

Sunset Bloom Harmony: Embrace the tranquil vibes of a sunset paired with the vibrant beauty of orchids and flowers. This print reflects a warm, serene blending of colors, offering a harmonious and striking look that is as ideal for beachside gatherings as it is for an evening at a luxury resort.


$230.00 USD